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    The main goal of the North American Border Terrier Welfare (NABTW) is to protect and act on behalf of any homeless Border Terriers. To attain this goal, those affiliated with the NABTW will obtain Border Terriers that are unwanted, impounded, neglected, abused or in other unpleasant situations. NABTW is responsible for placing all adoptable dogs in loving, permanent homes.

    The Border Terrier rescue provides temporary foster care, basic health care and temperament evaluation prior to placement to ensure an optimal match for the dog as well as the adopter. Rescue volunteers also provide training and education to the new owners of adopted rescues to ensure the success of the placements whenever possible.

    The Border Terrier rescue is committed to working in cooperation with local animal shelters and other rescue groups to facilitate the release of all Border Terriers that are impounded. The welfare of the dog always foremost and it is our responsibility to protect and care for all Border Terriers not just our own or the ones we have bred.

    Groups of volunteers are associated with NABTW, including the Border Terrier Club of America (BTCA), Regional Border Terrier Clubs and Canadian Border Terrier Welfare. There is a network that has been developed to assist rescue efforts. Rescue coordinators from Border Terrier regional clubs facilitate the rescue of Border Terriers and find new homes for stray, abandoned, neglected, abused, and surrendered Border Terriers. The policies and procedures they follow to accomplish this vary with the local environment and the resources available. Some groups are able to provide a range of services, including foster care. Others may have more limited resources and operate primarily through referrals and "home-to-home" placements. Many will do both.

    On this website you will find Border Terriers available for adoption. We hope you will consider adopting one of these special little dogs that are in desperate need of a loving home.

    Thank you for your interest in a Border Terrier.

    Contact Information/Officers and Board Members:

    Adoption Coordinator -- Contact for rescue and adoption matters:

    Jo Ellen Wolf, GA
    132 Buckboard Dr.
    Martinez, GA 30907
    (706) 814-3947

    Treasurer -- Contact for donations and other financial issues:

    Cindy Peebles, VA
    822 George Street
    Lynchburg, VA 24502  

    President -- Contact for policy and operational issues:

    President: Camilla Moon, VA
    12136 McDonalds Ln
    Hume, VA 22639  

    Other Officers:

    Vice President: Marg Pough, NY

    Secretary: Carol Soeldner, MA

    Other Board Members:

    Debra Janes Blake, OR

    Karen Fitzpatrick, IL

    Sue Friley, CA

    Harriet Haydon, WA

    Sallie Redding, NC

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