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    On this web site you will find Borders available for adoption. We hope you will consider adopting one of these special little dogs that are in need of a loving home




    Fenway is a healthy and frisky nine year old dog, very loving and affectionate with people of all ages. He loves to play, is intelligent, and learns new things quickly. He knows and will follow major commands, but as most terriers, he may want to think about it for a few seconds. Fenway will be happiest and most successful with a new owner(s) who will develop a leadership relationship with him, and set definite limits, so he doesn’t have to take responsibility for decisions on his own.
    As a true terrier, he is a hunter and will attempt to go after any rodent, even squirrels, and cannot be trusted off leash. Using those instinctual hunting skills, which include problem solving, Fenway is generally well-behaved, but if tempted by food within his reach, he will do his best to figure out how to get it. He is only about 16 inches tall, but has been known to steal food off the table, or off a counter if placed too close to the edge. Manage his environment and everyone will be happy!
    Fenway loves people of all kinds, but is not as thrilled with most other dogs, and definitely does not like cats. He would be most happy as an only dog, but has been known to get along with some specific dogs. With strange dogs, he is reactive, and when walking him on his leash, or sometimes in confined spaces with other dogs, he will noisily warn other dogs away, and if they don’t pay attention, will threaten them. He should not meet other dogs in this way. In some situations, he is fine, for example in his groomer’s shop.
    Fenway mostly likes to be with his owner(s), but can be left alone with his well-stuffed Kong toy. He is the ultimate snuggler, and loves to sleep close to his owner, and he will share the space.
    Are you ready to snuggle with this sweet, playful guy?

    If you are interested in Fenway, Please contact Carol Soeldner at Tel: 781-326-4778 or 781-775-1283
    E-mail: sisque@msn.com Dedham, MA

    Haley is healthy, frisky, six year old female Border Terrier. She is spayed and current on vaccines. She is a grizzle and tan Border Terrier, weighs about 15 lbs, and stands about 13 inches at the shoulder.

    Haley loves to fetch, go for walks, track and cuddle.  She is people, food and prey oriented.   She is used to sleeping in bed and having free roam of the house.  Like most BTs her age, she can jump quite high.  She lays quietly under the table when people are eating.
    Haley comes, sits, shakes hands, and does other tricks for food.  She goes to a "place" and stays when the door is open.  She pulls on the lead, but responds to gentle corrections.  She is food/people oriented, intelligent, and offers behaviors…very trainable.  She would excel at earthdog, tracking, flyball or agility.

    Haley was reluctantly surrendered as she and was not getting along with another dog in the home. Haley has been fine with other small dogs or people. However, she shows signs of fear around larger dogs.  She tends to growl or bark to warn them to back 0ff. This behavior is more pronounced in the dark.  She is easily distracted. But we have been putting her on a sit and she is responding. We think in time this behavior can be extinguished.  We'll have a better idea on this soon.

    Haley would do best in a single-dog home with an active family that likes to walk and be outdoors.  Someone training in structured activities such as tracking, agility or flyball would find her trainability quite an asset! She will need to be remain active. Like most terriers, she will do best with positive reinforcement training.

    Because her prey drive is on the strong side, she will need a securely fenced yard. She should not be allowed off lead (nor walked on a flexi-lead).  She needs to run and play with her people in the yard.   If left out alone, she might get out to hunt.

    If you are interested in Haley, Please contact Camilla Moon at Tel: 540-364-9621
    E-mail: mooncmg@aol.com, Fairfax, VA.