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    Archie on back of sofa

    Archie on back of sofa

    Archie (12 year old neutered male) NY (Courtesy Listing for the Breeder. NABTW cannot validate the description.)

    Don’t let Archie’s age fool you! Border Terriers can remain active into their teens and it is not uncommon for them to take up new activities such as Rally, Earthdog, Barn Hunt and Nose Work when they hit double digits.

    Archie came back to us after an unfortunate incident involving the family cat in a newly blended family. While he is very welcome to stay, it is obvious that he would be much happier in a new forever home of his own. He needs a home without cats (or any other small furry creatures). He is non-confrontational with other dogs when properly introduced. He has “told off” a younger large dog that was pestering him… and who can blame him.

    I would prefer a home where he is an only dog, or perhaps one other dog.

    Archie follows me around, but if I am working will snuggle up on the sofa. He is a typical Border Terrier, very food motivate and with an excellent nose, as he raided my training bag that I thought was out of reach, and removed the bag of treats. He loves to perch on top of the sofa, or sit on top the crate to look out the window. He will climb on anything he can if he thinks he can reach a treat!

    He is microchipped, up-to-date on his vaccinations, and had full senior bloodwork that shows he is in good health.

    If you think you might enjoy this older gentleman with his mischievous streak and a twinkle in his eye (who will happily pre-wash the dishes in the dishwasher) and that he might be the companion you are looking for, then --

    call Marg Pough mbp1@cornell.edu or 607-273-0925