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    On this web site you will find Borders available for adoption. We hope you will consider adopting one of these special little dogs that are in need of a loving home





    Lewis is a male Border Terrier who is affectionate and playful. He is housebroken, neutered and will be micro-chipped.

    He gets along with female dogs, but we prefer that he be in a single-dog home. He is reactive to strange dogs. His foster mom is working on this issue with him. He is somewhat grabby with his toys.

    Lewis would do well with an active family with children, over 10. The adopter will need to spend some time with the foster so that the training to-date can be continued.

    He does not like being crated because he was crated most of the time in his past home. However, we know that he may have to be when adopters are not at home until he is comfortable with his new situation.

    Lewis is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

    If you are interested in adopting Lewis, please complete an application.
    Send the completed application to wildwoodbts@aol.com.




    Phoebe is a purebred 6 year old spayed female Border Terrier. She is recently updated on vaccines including Rabies. She has been tested and is heart worm negative. She is on Heart Guard monthly. She is not on flea preventative as I do not have fleas.

    She is a sweet girl with all people, but little kids, toddlers and such make her nervous. She is also not a fan of cats. When I brought her home she was VERY aggressive to other dogs, she did not make contact, as she was not allowed the chance. However, she was living with another spayed female mix at her previous home in complete harmony. They got along well. She appears to not mind others next to her box, I have not tried her again with another dog.

    She had not been crated in her past home, so I have trained her to the crate. She now leaps into her box happy to be in her den. She is not a crafter, she loves her beds and blankets and will not chew them up.

    She loves to play and can toss her own toys. She is great on the leash and has learned not to pull. She adores the car and is a wonderful traveler. She will potty on leash easily.

    I was told she had skin allergies, but after changing her diet to a quality food, I have not seen any issues. She was having problems with slimy hair, but the food change has helped that also. I have her on coconut oil and kelp. She was shaved at her previous home, but could go back to being stripped if you choose.

    I feel that a single dog home is her best bet. A home with limited exposure to little kids would be best, but with her crate and a quiet space, that could help visits that may happen for a very conscious terrier owner. She would be great for a senior, retired family. She does love to couch sit and snuggle. She is located near Austin, central Texas. Possible transport from Texas west to California.

    If you are interested in adopting Phoebe, please complete an application.
    Send the completed application to wildwoodbts@aol.com.
    You may also contact Tristin Ridderhoff. (See contact list for more ways to contact Tristin.)




    This is a courtesy listing for Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine. (NABTW is not responsible for Roscoe and cannot verify this description.)

    Roscoe is a 3.5 year old male Border Terrier mix. He weighs 35 pounds. His foster family reports that he is a very sweet, fun dog. He loves to splash in water, run through tall grass, eat, and be a couch potato. He gets excited over any activity - going out and coming in included.

    He pulls a little on a leash just because there are so many exciting smells along the road. He loves to explore, but never wanders far, and has good recall. He likes to play with a rope toy and will play fetch. He loves treats, so if he gets a little stubborn, he is easily enticed with a treat.

    Roscoe startles to sudden noises or movements, and sometimes seems fidgety, always moving, checking things out. But, he settles nicely at night, especially if he's had an active day.

    He is sensitive to having his paws touched and having his nails trimmed.

    Roscoe has become very affectionate and he follows his foster mom around. She says she is smitten, and that Roscoe is a great dog!

    If you are interested in Roscoe please email info@talltailsbeaglerescue.org.

    You may also contact: Mandy Fisher mandyandlobo@hotmail.com or 207-607-1857




    Good News! Madigan has recently been adopted.

    This is a courtesy listing for Madigan's owner. (NABTW is not responsible for Madigan and cannot verify this description.)

    Madigan turned five on July 21, 2014. She is about 20 pounds and healthy. She needs a home with a yard for exercise, without small children, and an owner who can give her lots of love and let her out regularly.

    Madigan is extremely lovable and in your face. She will jump right into your lap and try to shower you with kisses. Madigan has no health issues, is micro-chipped, and her yearly vet visit is coming up.

    Madigan is house trained, but does have accidents sometimes. She can hold it for 8 hours, but not longer.

    Madigan is also nervous. She gets skittish at loud noises and barks like crazy at other dogs. Therefore, I would recommend a house with a yard where she can run, not walking her in a city.

    Madigan prefers people to dogs. She is great with another regular dog in the house, but likes to be the dog closest to her person. When a different dog visits and sits on my lap, Madigan was very displeased and vocal (but offers no physical agression).

    I would not recommend her for a home with young children as her tolerance for young children who don't respect dogs is not very high. Again, no biting when displeased, but she gives a clear warning to back off.

    Madigan is a vocal dog, but citronella bark collars do work with her. I would give her adoptive family that collar.

    Madigan is located in Erie, PA

    If interested in Madigan, please contact: Eileen Polito at (814) 490-2840 or Eileenpolito476@gmail.com.